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    Full automatic die cutting machine in the operation of the need to pay close attention to several major issues

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    With the improvement of printing technology, automatic die-cutting machine play a role in our lives is more and more significant, automatic die-cutting machine is the main force of finishing equipment, with the continuous development of the printing industry grows, demand for cutting operation is also increasing, so we need to pay close attention to the equipment operation, timely detection of problems and to solve the problem. 

    Then the automatic die-cutting machine in operation which is the problem we need to pay close attention to the operation? 

    A: in the operation of the equipment in the process, we need to check the rotating parts is normal, if abnormal, should be timely stop check and adjust to eliminate abnormal sound after production on paper: paper. The main problem is the specification, check paper should comply with process requirements need to die before the error is within the allowable range. Operating personnel must be for professional, non operating personnel shall not operate the equipment, to avoid accidents. On fastening such complex automatic die-cutting machine equipment, there must be a lot of fasteners, like steel screws, not tightening would cause the blade wear or cardboard collapse phenomenon; knife if you do not tighten the jig will cause off during operation. A clean scar is palpable: iron often need to check the site, if the foreign body should be promptly removed. On the maintenance operation of the site: the need to add the lubricating oil regularly for equipment, regularly check whether fixed screw loose, safety switch is sensitive. In addition, each time after the end of operation timely clean up scraps of paper around the machine, keep the machine clean and tidy, create a good working atmosphere.

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