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    How should the non-drying label change depends on version of roller automatically

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    Chang hong production of die-cutting machine analysis in the process of relief printing, graphic part is higher than the graphic part of the plate, when the non-drying label automatically modify depend on version of roller transfer ink to pages, the plate of the graphic part is not addressed, by version of the roll for the graphic are part of the ink is transferred.

    Due to the small number, letterpress printing ink roll by version rollers on the residual ink is not uniform in time, resulting in ink quantity imbalance, local ink quantity is greater than the amount of ink printing office needs, make the print by color is deeper than the other part of the local and the back glue shadow generation.

    Add several more evenly in the printing unit ink roller, make by version rollers on the ink layer more evenly is passed on to the plate, thereby significantly reducing the back glue the depth of the shadow. For some long version live, automatic non-drying label will rely on version of roller diameter is converted into the same as your version of roller the thickness, also can greatly reduce the back glue the depth of the shadow. Its principle is: by version rollers on the ink area and is consistent with the relative position of rollers on the ink area, the ink layer thickness is relatively stable. This applies to satellite self-adhesive label printing machine. The specific method is to release the ink teeth, adjust the ink to control the size of the amount of ink.

    Can do it in the amount of guarantee required for printing ink at the same time, make the ink as evenly as possible, is passed on to the ink roller for printing ink more evenly is passed on to the rely on version of roller, reach the purpose of reducing the back glue film. Pay attention to offset printing ink balance, control the size of printing surface water. On the premise of not dirty plate using the least amount of layout of water, adhesive smooth, bright and clean, printed full version of the field before deep color, and ink is printed, will be subject to not sticky dirty on the back, and then thin color overprint, this would be a good printing product finish.

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